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Otherwise known as DJ Friez, is a 20-something year old producer from the south of the UK. Originally called Frieza (since 1998!) renamed to Friez after complaints from another up-and-coming DJ. So just to be sure, if it's by Friez, it's me. If it says Frieza, it's not!

Friez keeps quite a low profile in the scene and isn't hugely well-known, but mixes have appeared on Digitally Imported Radio and Records have been pressed. He produces mainly hardcore, but also has dabbled with trance, drum & bass, eurodance and more besides.

He is currently producing for a Finnish video game company and aspires to land a gig in his favourite place: Japan.

Stuff worth listening to:
12" Vinyl

DJ Evil - Sweet (JAKAZiD & Friez Remix) [KFA041]

Jellycat 5
Jellycat 5
Jellycat 5 was exclusively released in Tokyo, where only 20 copies were handed out. A further 5 exist privately in the UK. Incidentally, Artwork by Friez!

Inu Force - The Note
DJ Evil - Sweet (JAKAZiD & Friez Remix) Play
Friez - Oberon Play
Friez - Drugs & Alcohol*
Friez ft DGP - The Guide Play
Friez - Mimas Play

* For what it's worth, I'm not a big fan of either substances.

J-Core Masterz Vol.6
J-Core Masterz Vol.6
Inu Force - Yamanote [Forthcoming on J-Core Masterz 6, Get it at Guhroovy] Play

Other Material
Friez - Addicted Play
Friez - Distorted Mind Play
Friez - Snow Storm
Frederik Zai - Cloudy Day
Friez - Dance With Me
Splinter - Break2ThaBeat
H.D.F - Genus
MNeko vs Inu Force - Madsave
Bexbullet - Underdog (Friez Remix)

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