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I love games. I love them a lot. Video games generally dominate my life, they're my release when I get home. I don't just enjoy playing them, I enjoy making them. I generally have the skills to fit almost every role in a production house. I can be a programmer, animator, designer, musician, you name it!

When I was a student I worked quite avidly on Stepmania. I played a large role as a feature programmer, introducing many new things to the game such as alternative gametypes and a background animation system. I worked closely with graphic designers to produce some much loved builds of the game, some of which are used still today (despite the fact the main build of the game has moved on considerably since then). Here's some shots of my handywork!

The main game mode of Stepmania

Stepmania Ez2
The ez2 game mode of Stepmania I worked upon

Stepmania Ez2
I handcrafted all of the above background animations and programmed much of the functionality.

Stepmania brought on many spin off projects including In The Groove and iDance. The stepmania project still continues today but it is somewhat stagnant. However, a small renegade group of people work with me to produce a new music game engine that will boast more. Keep an eye out for that.

Apart from that, I am also currently working on an RPG game of sorts. I am not entirely sure if I will make it MMO because of the sheer work involved, but it's a fun little hobby. I am working with talented artists to get some of my ideas in graphics quicker than I could myself (I am capable, but I suffer a massive lack of time) the following is some of their great work.

Concept Art
Concept Art by Michael Bramley

Warrior Model
Warrior Model by Leon Labyk

Sadly, these hobbies of mine generally take a sideline compared to my main job which is to make educational games (still one-man-banding it!), but hopefully I will have something very cool completed one day! I currently project manage this pet project, and have others helping me, I am trying hard to relegate myself only to project management, programming, scene design and sound. Now that I look at it, that's still quite a lot!

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