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What else is there to say that my other pages don't?

Ever since visiting Japan in August 2009, I've been studying Japanese heavily. I immerse myself as much as possible, I try and watch live Japanese TV over the web, and I am studying as much as possible when I get home from work. While at work I even teach students what I know of Japanese to help solidify my own knowledge. I hope to achieve fluency within a year or two.

I own quite a lot of games including an arcade cabinet.... It would take me years to count them all. Here's a few shelves worth:
Lots of games
Just a small portion of my games collection.

Aside from my DJing and Producing skill, I also play drums, and I collect vast quantities of Audio. Among my greatest influences are DJ Shimamura, JAKAZiD, NuFoundation and Vanessa Mae!
Stacks of Vinyl
I lurve vinyl.

I've been a regular attendee to Minamicon for years now (10 years maybe? I lost track). I've been into Anime for a loooooong time. However, I don't really watch it any more like I used to, after a while I realised I wasn't really interested in the storylines as such but it was the artwork that fascinated me more than anything. This is evident by my room which is essentially held up by my posters and wallscrolls. My current favourite character is Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid, there's not REALLY an Anime about her yet as such (Plenty of comics picked up from Comiket however....). I'm also an avid collector of Atashi Models/Plushies (of Chobits fame),

This puts me in a unique position. While I can tell you all about old anime in quite some detail, I couldn't tell you anything about new stuff short of which characters I like and how scary my collection of images of them is... I occasionally draw too. I'm not too shabby either!
Fan art of Mio from K-ON! while I was working on it.

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