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Web Design

Funnily enough, I code web pages. You're reading one of my pages right now, it was lovingly crafted by hand using Textpad. Paintshop Pro delivers your graphical eyecandy.

I'm a definite die-hard back-end coder at heart. I love making some serious action happen with my websites in terms of the sheer powerful applications that can be delivered using them. Sadly though, most of the fruits of my labour aren't available to the public eye as much of my work is behind closed doors on the private web servers of the School that I work at. But what I can do is show you through the wonders of screenshots!

No task too big

I often get asked to do some pretty challenging things where I work. "I want to be able to turn on ALL (600 of) the computers in the school with a single click of a button!". Sure why not? How about tracking who's online on Any PC right now? Yep no problem. Can you make youtube, but just for inside our school only? Easy. I've delivered all this stuff and more. Lets roll some images

Home Folder Access
Getting at my work files from home has never been easier

Timetable Systems
Almost essential for daily life, timetabling systems so people can book rooms.

Mass WOL
One of my favourite toys! Just one of the many tools at my disposal. Mass wake on lan, mass shutdown, remote PC control, and logs of everything that goes on! It's all my fault mwhahaha.

Kanji Flashcards
I also code things that directly aid education. Here is a flashcard app of mine loaded with hiragana. It's not just a tool for myself, but mostly for those students who are sharing in my learning experience and learning Japanese from me!

Gallery Control
I like to mix it up with apps sometimes. This is a nice sexy bit of web2. You're able to move those pictures on the wall and arrange them however you want (and add/remove too). The result: The 3D Gallery in the Creative Technology suite changes! How cool is that?

Gallery Control
Fun with video encoding and uploading, lots of fun things going on here. Plenty of AJAX tracking uploads, serverside scripting to get videos encoded into FLV and much more. It's a mini youtube!

You may have noticed that at the school I haven't really done a lot in the way of wizzy sexy looking front end work. But I have created some incredibly powerful backend apps. Most of what I do is due to the magic of PHP, and a bit of HTML, DHTML and CSS to boot. My mass wake on LAN works on sending out raw sockets to the network, and a lot of my special programs for administering machines on the network tie in with custom made C/C++ apps (I use Visual Studio in this case if you're wondering).

Oh yes, and if they ever want us to make new pages, it all ties in nicely with a custom made Content Management System. I'm no stranger to this web malarky!

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